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This is a tool designed to generate RPG-style moves in a fairly generic manner. You know, something that'd do some damage, maybe cause a status effect or raise/lower stats. Instead of generating names as one might expect though, it actually outputs JSON-formatted descriptions, readily available for import into whatever theoretical engine you feel like coding.

The idea behind it was something along the lines of "What if you were playing an rpg where your character could always learn more and more new moves? Something where you have a vague idea of properties that move would have, but you have no idea what it actually is until they actually learn it?" Well that was a bit large in scope for a game jam, so I decided to do the next best thing and come up with a tool to just randomly generate a few moves as needed.

It's not fully-randomized; you won't get any moves that lower your ally's stats for instance; but things like the chances of effects occurring, how high stats get boosted are. There are some biases included too, like Wind attacks boosting speed or earth moves boosting defense. You can customize these biases to an extent by editing the JSON file included.

Install instructions

Run generatePCGMoves.jar from a terminal with the command:
java -jar .\generatePCGMoves.jar input.txt

You can run it with a -s option to only display the moves generated. Being a java application, it should run on most devices.

input.txt should be a valid JSON file. Second-level text such as "Fire", "Earth", "attack", "defense", can be changed, but don't change the first-level text ("states", "stats", "types"...) as the application uses those to look up components of the move to generate. Whatever you change, make sure you update necessary references (pretty much anything involving types) to avoid weird or erroneous behavior.


procjam2015_muhznit.zip 55 kB


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Quite interesting. I included it in my ProcJam compilation video series, if you'd like to take a look :)

Cool, thanks. I posted a comment on your vid asking about what troubles you had with it if you want to try running it again. :)